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Charlie Verge: Music

All The Love That Was

(Charlie Verge)
All the Love that Was
By Charlie Verge

How do you let go
Of the things you truly love?
Sail off towards another shore.
Sometimes it seems just when the going gets good,
Faced with another wide open door.

The heart remembers
All the love that was.
All the love that was.

Now I know the song that’s written must be sung.
And I must go to where it calls.
Though so sad, my heart is full with all your grace.
Yes, I have kept it all.


Thank you for your tenderness.
Thank you for the way you loved my child.
Thank you for all the days, all the ways you smiled.

Moving on can feel like such a cruel mistake.
Yes I know I’ve been left behind.
It seems so odd to be the one who must forsake.
I now forgive all held as unkind.