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Charlie Verge: Music

Walkin' in Soul

(Charlie Verge)
Walking in Soul
By Charlie Verge

Born down on Main Street
Next to Markie’s Texico.
Irish Riviera ain’t exactly Monaco.
Some called it hard love
Others say abuse.
Well, I say no matter where you started
There is something you can use.

Then you’re walking in freedom
You’re on the right road
Sign up ahead says,
“Welcome to Soul”
I’m walking in soul.
Walking in soul.
Walking in soul.
Walking in soul.

Girlfriends I had a few.
They all gave a try.
I confess, after one caress, I ran and don’t know why.
But we all have lovers
And stories left behind.
Each love that’s lost
Can leave you cross
Or soft to life’s design.


Sometimes I’m lonely
More than a little confused.
These wounds I made
Rise from their graves
Won’t quit till I lose.
But there’s a brand-new highway
Takes a hefty toll.
Live in hell
Or forgive yourself
And let the memories go.


Funny how all these roads
Led me back within.
So if you think you’re on the wrong one,
Better think again.
Trust me, friend,
I’ve been around
And walked down quite a few.
Each and every road you take
Leads you right back to you.

Walking in soul.
Walking in soul.
Walking in soul.
Walking in soul.