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Charlie Verge: Music

You Show Me Why

(Charlie Verge)
You Show Me Why
Charlie Verge

He never thought he’d still feel the moon glow
By the time he had reached fifty-one.
She never thought the sun would be shining
On her after all she’s done.
He never knew true love in his life.
She’d only pushed love away.
Somehow they met and the words they each heard seemed to say …

You show me why
A many colored sky
Binds the darkness of night
To the dawn’s innocent light.

He touches her gaze and something awakes
That slept without stirring inside.
She watches his breath bring back words from their death
And hears the morning sunrise.
He echoes sounds that play in his head.
She picks up words from the floor.
All of the truth met in the wind crying more.


He can believe in the rhythms he feels
That strum on the strings of his heart.
The beauty she knows from unknown touch
Keeps memory and living apart.
He is the one she sees in the dark.
He can find her without light.
Shadows on wings that fly high in the sky
Makes earth right.