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Charlie Verge: about Charlie

About Charlie

Charlie Verge is a singer songwriter of uncommon artistic depth and flare. His voice, lyrics and guitar arrangements reflect a life fully lived, fatally flawed, and earnestly forgiven. The music tells stories born in the passions and pain of living and yet written with eyes locked onto a poet’s paradise. And so the songs are inherently composed out of the polarities of heaven and earth, light and dark. From the song: Somewhere in the Night of Time,

No one knows why joy and pain
Urge new life like falling rain
The bleeding heart never tells
The secrets of the still mind very well.
But somewhere in this night of time
The Truth comes dancing through
To take you to the star in you

His songs reflect our own personal journey through darkness and light as we learn the lessons of love. From the bittersweet nostalgia of “It don ‘t do no Good’ to the unyielding triumph of hope in “believing in love”, Charlie’s lyrics resonate to places known in each of us in our despair and the power of love and the human spirit to endure and shine. Charlie writes, “ Artistic creativity is about dynamic tension to me….the ultimate tension being between man and God, or self and Self. But that filters down into all the messy details of our lives, and my music is one man’s attempt to capture and express that tension. A song holds my gaze only when it draws from both masculine and feminine, noise and silence, hurt and kindness, laughter and fear……I need to feel these dualities in my voice, hear them in my lyrics, sense them in the melodies, and most of all get lost in their marriage in the unique sonorous beauty that is the guitar.”
And so his beautiful guitar work bears the mark of that endeavor with liquid harmonies
and unusual voicings from alternate tunings chosen to reflect the narrative and the mood. Yes, with powerful lyrics, accomplished guitar work, deep resonant vocals, and passionate delivery, Charlie is a songwriter of unusual artistic depth in a growing culture of musical regimentation.
Originating from the Boston area, Charlie grew up a regular at the legendary Club 47
(now the legendary Passim) listening to everyone from Tom Rush and Eric Anderson to Patty Larkin and Suzanne Vega. He began playing coffeehouses during college, but like so many artists, pursued another career to provide for a better family life and dropped his performing life. But he never dropped the passion nor the dream. And now, he returns to his first love with unbelievable talent and stage presence. And with songs to grab your soul and make it stand up and pay attention. And this past year he returned to his childhood stage at Club Passim and released his fist CD, All The Love That Was.
He has been playing to audiences young and old throughout New England touching into the hearts and smiles of all who come to be moved, warmed, and embraced in great art and entertainment. This is music to savor and be savored by. Enjoy!